Cảm biến áp suất SMC - ISE30A

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ISE30A, Digital Pressure Switch, 2-Color Display, High Precision for Positive Pressure

Series ISE30A high precision digital pressure switch (for positive pressure) with two color digital display allows you to choose the setting according to your application requirements. 4 different display settings are available. Abnormal conditions can be detected at a glance.

  • Settings can be copied to up to 10 slave sensors at once 
  • Possible to check set-value during key locking
  • 3-step setting 
  • 4-digit display
  • Pin code function available 
  • Replaceable one-touch fittings



Configuration Options
  Part Number is Partial
ISE30A -    -                        
Select Product Options                                         
  Select values from the drop down lists or make appropriate selections to configure the part number.
Piping Configuration Status
Output Configuration Status
Display Unit Configuration Status
Lead Wire Configuration Status
Bracket/Panel Mount Adapter Configuration Status
Operating Manual/Certificate Configuration Status
Made to Order Configuration Status
  Options in:
  • Gray are not compatible with other selected option value.
  • Red conflict with another selected option value.
  • Amber are not recommended.

01 (R 1/8, w/M5 Female) C4H (ø4, ø5/32" One-touch Fitting, Straight Type) C4L (ø4, ø5/32" One-touch Fitting, Elbow Type) C6H (ø6 One-touch Fitting, Straight Type) C6L (ø6 One-touch Fitting, Elbow Type) N7H (ø1/4" One-touch Fitting, Staight Type) N7L (ø1/4" One-touch Fitting, Elbow Type) N01 (NPT 1/8, M5 Female) N (NPN Open Collector 1 Output) P (PNP Open Collector 1 Output) A (NPN Open Collector 2 Outputs) B (PNP Open Collector 2 Outputs) C (NPN Open Collector 1 Output+Analog Voltage Output) D (NPN Open Collector 1 Output+Analog Current Output) E (PNP Open Collector 1 Output+Analog Voltage Output) F (PNP Open Collector 1 Output+Analog Current Output) w/Unit Display Switching Function M (Fixed SI Unit) P (w/Unit Display Switching Function, Initial Value PSI) None L (Lead Wire w/Connector) G (Lead Wire w/Connector & Connector Cover) None A1 (Bracket A) A2 (Bracket B) A3 (Bracket C) B (Panel Mount Adapter) D (Panel Mount Adapter+Front Protection Cover) Operating Manual, Booklet K (NON + T) T (Calibration Certificate) Y (None) None X510 (M12 4-pin Prewired Connector)