Digital controller FB100, FB400, FB900 RKC INSTRUMENT

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Digital Controller FB100 Digital Controller FB400, FB900
The FB Series is a high performance process controller with a more advanced Brilliant II PID, autotuning, advanced tuning, selectable sampling cycle time of 0.05/0.1/0.25 second and 0.1 % of accuracy in short depth housing. 
It functions as a simple ramp/soak controller with multi-memory area function [optional] and setting change rate limiter (up), setting change rate limiter (down), soak time setting, link area number.
Star mark Panel space saving : 60mm depth
  Star mark Easy maintenance
  Star mark Numerous inputs and outputs
  Star mark A more advanced Brilliant II PID
  Star mark User-friendly key-operation and display
  Star mark Inter-controller Communication
  Star mark Temperature uniformity and stability