Module Type Controller SRZ RKC INSTRUMENT

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The SRZ (Z-TIO) is 4 channels digital temperature controller packed one compact module.
Z-TIO (4 channels type) module can have 4 CT (current transformer) inputs. 3-phase heater can be monitored by allocating two CTs to one control channel.
Modules can be remotely distributed by connecting them via RS-485 communication. Up to 16 Z-TIO (128 DIs) and 16 Z-DIO (128 DOs) modules can be connected to one serial communication line by distributed installation.
The maximum number of modules connected by distributed installation is 31 modules.

Tính năng đặc biệt:

Red mark Compact Module type Digital Temperature Controller SRZ series prodcut photo
Red mark Distributed installation
Red mark Program-less connection to PLCs
Red mark Temperature uniformity at ramp-up
Red mark Multi-loop profile control
Red mark External disturbance suppression with autotuning
Red mark Easy parameter setup via USB loader port
with WinPCI software
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