Soldering iron HAKKO FX-801

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FX-801 can provide tremendous heating performance with super power 300 W composite heater.

Check out the powerful performance of FX-801 easily melting a bar solder.

Compact and lightweight (50 g) for heavy duty 300 W iron

The same weight as the iron part of FX-838, 150 W soldering station, for operator’s comfort and better workability.

Easy tip replacement

The composite tip makes tip replacement easy.

Large LED display

An LED display roughly double the size of a previous model is very easy to see.

Preset mode

Up to 6 settings can be preset and easily called up by Up/Down buttons.

Password function

Settings can be locked from unnecessary changes by password function.

Selectable alphabets for password

Auto Sleep/Auto Shut-off function

Safety design automatically enters sleep/shut-off function when iron is placed in iron holder. The function automatically cools down tip temperature and shut-off power when not in use for a certain period of time.

Handles on unit body

Handles on unit body make it easy to carry.

Compatible with N2 System (Option)

Replacing an iron part (FX-8002) with an optional N2 iron part (FX-8003), it enables use of N2system.
*Appropriate option nozzle assemblies for each tip shape are necessary.