Resin Pressure Sensors CZ-200P RKC INSTRUMENT

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PG500, PCT-300HA430HA930 The CZ-200P pressure sensor is a push rod lead-type sensor and thus there is no concem of resin contamination, even if a diaphragm rupture occours.
A SPRON diaphragm with a maximum operating temperature of 550°C and excellent corrosion resistance on the level of Hastelloy C has been added to our line up.
A built-in thermocouple temperature sensor type is available as an option.
Temperature and resin pressure can be measured using a single mounting hole.
The temperature measurement contact is located 2mm from the diaphragm surface, enabling measurement of a temperature closer to the actual resin temperature.
(Thermocouple K or J, Class : 2)
The three-layer structure of the lead unit and an optional lead-pipe cover reduce indication fluctuations due to external heat and tightening.
In addition, when combined with an indicator with built-in liniarization and converter, high-accuracy pressure measurement to a maximum accuracy of 0.5% FS is possible. (Linearization is an option.)
 PG500  PCT-300  HA430  HA930


        Type : SPRON