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Series LEY Step Motor (Servo/24 VDC) Servo Motor (24 VDC)
・Long stroke: Max. 500 mm
・Direct mounting: 3 directions, Bracket mounting: 3 types
・Auto switch can be mounted.
・Speed control/Positioning: Max. 64 points
・Either positioning or pushing control can be selected.
 Possible to hold the actuator with the rod pushing to a workpiece, etc.
・Positioning repeatability: ±0.02 mm or less
・Compatible controllers: LECP6,LECA6,LECP1,LECPA,LECPMJ

Series LEY AC Servo Motor
・High output motor (100/200/400 W)
・Improved high speed transfer ability
・High acceleration/deceleration compatible (5,000mm/S2
・Pulse input type
・With internal absolute encoder
・Positioning repeatability: ±0.02 mm or less
・Compatible controllers: LECSA,LECSB,LECSC,LECSS,LECSS-T,LECY□
・Motorless specification available Click here for details



Data DownloadCAD Manual PDF(21.9MB)

Other Data

Safety Instructions Electric Actuators Precautions
Auto Switches/Precautions Features Variations
Simplified Selection Flow Chart

Spec. Model Stroke
Pushing force
Screw lead
Step motor
(Servo/24 VDC)
LEY16D 30 to 300 MAX.141 MAX.500 2.5,5,10
Step motor
(Servo/24 VDC)
LEY25D 30 to 400 MAX.452 MAX.500 3,6,12
Step motor
(Servo/24 VDC)
LEY32D 30 to 500 MAX.707 MAX.500 4,8,16
Step motor
(Servo/24 VDC)
LEY40D 30 to 500 MAX.1058 MAX.300 4,8,16
Servo motor
(24 VDC)
LEY16DA 50 to 300 MAX.111 MAX.500 2.5,5,10
Servo motor
(24 VDC)
LEY25DA 50 to 400 MAX.130 MAX.500 3,6,12
AC servo motor LEY25DS 30 to 400 MAX.485 MAX.900 3,6,12
AC servo motor LEY32DS 30 to 500 MAX.736 MAX.1000 4,8,16
AC servo motor LEY63DS 100 to 800 MAX.1910 MAX.1000 5,10,20
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